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New Four Bed Dwelling, Heversham

New 4 bed dwelling, Heversham

Brief / Description: Complete SAP calculations to show compliance with Part L1A of The Building Regulations

Highlights: Aldrock were referred by an existing client for a second opinion. The project was at completion stage and the previous calculations completed were showing a fail. The assessor had passed the useless calculations to the client with no assistance or advice. This was causing undue stress to the client who was left wondering if retrospective works were required and at what cost.

The first step was to examine the calculations to establish where the problems were lying. Almost immediately we found that the assessor had not calculated the linear thermal transmittance, which was having a significant negative effect on the calculations as a whole.

We completed the calculations, including the thermal bridging satisfying the requirements as set out in L1A.

The client incurred no further construction costs and instructed us almost immediately on their next project.

Proposed plans