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Display Energy Certificates: Save Energy, Save Money.

Display Energy Certificates have been a requirement for public Buildings since 2008. They are an annual Energy Audit giving a rating on how efficient or inefficient your building is?

We produce hundreds of these documents a year and in the majority, Building owners or business tenants are interested in improving their rating. They are rated on a Scale from A-G and the higher you are able to climb towards an A, the less you are spending on fuel.

Display Energy Certificates are an awareness document. They generally open the door to making improvements and therefore save money. These improvements can be simple and free or require an investment to save a significant amount of money over a period of time.

By simply educating your staff you can save up to 25% on your bills. This can be by turning off lights when they are not required or closing doors on a building ran by a heating management system.

Some of the larger schemes involve lighting reduction schemes. All older lighting can now be replaced with new low energy fittings and the return on investment is incredible. On a large scheme you could be enjoying the savings within a year of making the change.

For further information please visit www.aldrock.co.uk

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Energy Performance Certificate rating scale
  • 22nd December 2013