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Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Unless you live in a new property, you are very likely to be losing heat. This generally occurs around windows, doors, floor gaps, chimneys and many more…….

A way to reduce this heat loss, allowing you to adjust the thermostat is very easy and can be carried out yourself. Why not buy some draught proofing products from your local D.I.Y store to seal doors and windows, seal the skirting’s with silicone and purchase a sealed fire guard.

As well as this lighting being left on unnecessarily has a huge impact on your bills. Make the effort to turn them off.

All lighting can now be replaced with low energy; including halogen spot lights. CFL and LED lighting is now available for every fitting and the savings are fantastic.

Another way to make some savings is to improve the controls on your heating system. A starting point is to schedule your heating requirement through the programmer correctly. The programmer is something that is rarely touched in most homes and if adjusted regularly in accordance with the seasons would save some money.

Further useful controls that could be fitted are a room thermostat; as turning this down one degree will be make a saving of £65 per year based on a three bed semi-detached. TRV’s (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) allow you reduce the temperature or turn off a radiator in unused rooms again making further savings.

For further information on energy reduction and possible grants available visit www.aldrocksurveyors.co.uk

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