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Hidden Costs when extending a property

With the change in legislation allowing property owners to extend their homes larger than ever people are beginning to find out that getting some drawings produced and appointing a builder at a fixed cost is not the end and certainly not the best value for money in the long run.

There are several hidden costs that homeowners find out about well into the building process that would have been useful to know about when trying to budget for a project.

We receive many calls to produce SAP calculations at the end of a project. A SAP is the calculation of your extension or new build to ensure it meets current building standards and can be signed off by building Control.

These calculations are not expensive to produce but the impact of doing them too late can be!

If your brand new property or extension do not meet the standards, it is then that you find out they MUST, and this means changes must be made which will have a significant impact on cost. Areas of the construction will need to be improved retrospectively and these can include, wall, roof or floor insulation, heating provision, glazing and the list goes on.

People need to be made aware of this at the outset which is something we do with all the services provided in house by qualified Building Surveyors, Architectural Designers and Energy Assessors.

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  • 14th June 2013