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How Can I Change My EPC Rating?

With the upcoming legislative change regarding energy performance certificates (EPCs) upon us, it’s important that all those affected by the changes are aware of how they can improve their EPC rating. So, we’ve come up with a handy guide to help you improve your rating.

Energy Performance Certificate rating scale

  • Make sure your loft space is fitted with adequate insulation

The Department of Energy and Climate Change estimate that UK homes lose around £500 million a year by pumping heat into homes where it escapes through poorly insulated walls and roofs.

  • Upgrade your boiler to a newer, more efficient one

This may seem an expensive job, but in the long term, it will save you money as more modern boilers can heat buildings using less gas or oil, making it more energy and cost efficient at the same time.

  • Fit energy saving light bulbs

This is a simple yet inexpensive way of helping to boost your EPC rating. The Energy Saving Trust claim that by replacing all remaining standard bulbs and halogen spotlights could save you £35 and 120kg of carbon dioxide a year.

  • Consider renewable technologies, such as solar panels

For the Feed-in Tariff to be applied to a building when installing solar panels, the EPC rating must be a D or higher. This means that aside from solar panels being more energy efficient, improvements in overall energy efficiency in homes below a grade D must be improved if they want to install them.

  • Insulate your cavity walls

Poorly insulated walls account for 33% of heat lost at home, so make sure your insulation is up to the scratch!

  • Fit the property with double glazed windows

The gap between to the panes of glass acts as an additional insulating barrier, causing it to reduce your carbon footprint, allowing fewer draughts in and also reducing any external noise.

Here at Aldrock, we’re experts at helping out clients improve their EPC rating and we’ve created a cost-effective method of doing so. Whether you want to reach the absolute minimum rating or attain a carbon neutral ‘A’ rating, we’ll help you every step of the way!

Want to discuss your options with a member of our team? Please do not hesitate to contact our team for free, impartial advice.

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  • 5th December 2017