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Improve Your Domestic EPC Rating Before Selling Your Home In 5 Easy Steps

Here at Aldrock, we’re experts at improving EPC ratings.

And if you’re thinking of selling your home, a higher level of energy efficiency is particularly important as it’s something buyers will be definitely be looking out for.

If you’re having an assessment carried out at your property, there are a number of simple yet significant alterations that you can make prior to your assessment in order to ensure that you receive the best rating possible.

Improve your EPC rating with these 5 easy steps and get buyers champing at the bit quicker than you can say Kirstie ‘n’ Phil.

  • Loft insulation

Insulating your loft is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your EPC rating. In fact, going from no insulation to 270mm can improve the rating by 10 or 15 points, and a top up on existing insulation can get 2-5 points’ worth of improvement in many cases. Although we recommend a minimum of 350mm of mineral wool insulation. This is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased by the roll at your local hardware store.

  • Replace all light bulbs with low energy bulbs

Switch any old-fashioned light bulbs to energy efficient ones such as LEDs or compact fluorescent lamp (CFLs). Switching could save you around £70 per bulb over its lifespan.

  • Replace an old boiler

Your home’s heating system is one of the key factors when it comes to its EPC rating. If you have an old boiler, upgrading it to a new condensing model will improve your rating by 5-20 points depending on the age of the current system. It’s worth checking around for grants such as old boiler scrappage schemes.

  • Consider cavity wall insulation

If you have cavity walls, make sure they are insulated. Insulating a cavity can improve the rating by 5-10 points on average – but only if you live in an unexposed area. Those that live in coastal areas where there is wind driven rain won’t be able to do this. There are grants available for cavity wall insulation which means it can be an excellent, cost-effective option.

  • Replace single glazing with new double glazed units

If you have single glazed windows, upgrading to double glazing will make several points difference on average – not as much as wall and loft insulation, but still a noticeable increase. If you already have double glazing, even if it is old, there is not going to be much improvement in the rating.

Although these steps require an initial financial outlay, they will dramatically improve the rating of your EPC, add value to your home, and in turn improve the appeal of buyers.

Consider improvements an investment rather than a cost.

If you’d need to improve your EPC rating, speak to us today to find out how we can help. 

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  • 12th March 2018