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Is your Energy Performance Certificate Correct?

A few weeks ago Aldrock was appointed to look at 3No. Apartments in London. The client informed us that they had an EPC rating of G, and therefore the dwellings could not be let. Obviously this is a growing concern for Landlords nationwide, as any dwelling with a rating less than an E, cannot be let by law.

The scope of works was to visit the properties to produce our own draft EPC’s followed by a report to highlight possible improvements that would illustrate how an E rating or above could be achieved through certain measures, and the possible funding opportunities. From there, we would manage the works to completion.

On completing the EPC, we found that the dwellings actually had a rating of D, rather than G. This may be because of the services or fabric being upgraded and the EPC not being updated, or the original document was simply incorrect.  

This has saved our client thousands of pounds in upgrade works, and means they can now plan and budget for further improvements to reach a C rating.

We are urging all landlords to check their EPC’s before spending unnecessary money on upgrades that may not be required. If you have a portfolio of property and want the most cost effective advice or a manageable upgrade plan, please get in touch.

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  • 19th October 2020