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Land Registry Compliant Plans & Energy Performance Certificate Packages

All new leases with terms of 7 or more years or assigned leases with at least 7 years remaining must be registered with Land Registry and to do that a lease plan is required to be registered at the Land Registry. There are various criteria that must be met in order for the lease plan to be compliant. Often, make shift plans are returned from the Land Registry as non-compliant. So the question is: Why waste time submitting non-compliant plans when you can get it right first time? I suppose only the applicant can answer this question!

Energy Performance Certificate and land registry plan package

At Aldrock, we have a 100% success rate at getting the Land Registry Compliant Plans right first time round. Not only saving time and money, but reassuring clients that they will get exactly what they require. Our quotes are fixed, there are no hidden costs, and we are extremely competitive. Keeping our clients happy is our prerogative!

So, why use Aldrock?

Our turnaround times are exceptional, and we can deliver any size lease plan, whether it’s a multi-storey office block, to a small retail shop within a matter of days.

Why else should you use Aldrock?

Not only can we deliver Lease Plans, we can also tie in the requirement for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Almost all properties being leased or sold require an EPC. So why pay for two site visits from two different companies when Aldrock can tie it into one package. Ultimately, saving time, money and stress? To us, it’s a no brainer!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our team for free impartial advice.

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Energy Performance Certificate Rating
  • 11th September 2017