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Would you buy a property without a Survey?

There are many people purchasing property without instructing a Chartered Building Surveyor to take a look first. Why would anyone do this?

When you decide a buy a property for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds why would people chose to avoid a building survey that costs less than 1% of the property value.

Many people feel they have a knowledge of property and are happy to take the risk but hidden defects can be very costly and it is our job to identify these defects, not only for peace of mind but also so you can approach the seller and renegotiate the value based on remedial works.

When we produce a survey we sit down with the client and discuss aspects of the report that they may be unsure of. Every single client of ours enters into purchasing the property with confidence in the price, confidence in the buildings structural stability and peace of mind

Would you buy a second hand car without doing a couple of checks?

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  • 13th June 2013