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50% Reduction in Carbon emissions for Public Buildings by 2032

For the last 10 years Aldrock has produced thousands of Display Energy Certificates for Public Buildings. This certificates are for publicly accessed Buildings and gives an operational rating categorising the Building into an A-G bracket. These documents are required every year by law!

Year on year we produce these documents and in the main we see little attempt to improve the rating, however we do see some great progress in Colleges and Universities, who have invested in efficient Building services and Low Carbon Technologies.

A target has been set for Public Buildings to show a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2032. This is a huge target and I am incredibly surprised that small steps are not being taken now to soften the blow!

We expect that funding will have to be made available for this to be achievable, but is it likely that this will be swept under the carpet as budgets are already being stretched, and in the current pandemic, will there be money available, as the economy recovers?

Fuel poverty is a serious concern, and attempts are now being made through grants to improve our existing housing stock, but what about Commercial Buildings and Public Buildings. Small pots do become available every now and then, but this hardly scratches the surface.

My question to everyone is: Should this be a priority? Should we be prioritising funds to reduce CO2 emissions and try to save the planet for future generations?

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  • 30th September 2020