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MEES Report

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Report

Looking for a solution to tackle unlettable properties? Look no further.

MEES reports are a cost-effective solution to ensuring your property complies with the legal EPC requirements. Ahead of the April 2018 changes in legislation, you may be looking to up your property’s EPC rating to the minimum ‘E’ rating, or better yet, reach a carbon neutral ‘A’ rating.

An EPC produced 6 years ago will not have the same rating as an EPC produced to the current EPC software and methodology, but using our bespoke software we’re able to convert any existing EPC to reflect current standards.

Once we have discussed what the desired rating is and identified the measures which are cost effective, we will issue a report showing the estimated costs and paybacks for each measure required to bring the EPC to the desired rating. You can then use this report and carry out the works yourself, or alternatively, we will gather quotes and project manage the improvement measures, keeping you informed all the way.

Alternatively, you could carry out some improvements and then have another EPC produced to assess the changes, however this will not guarantee an improvement in the EPC rating and is very much a guessing game. Plus, our MEES surveys start from just £295, so in terms of cost-effectiveness, it’s a no-brainer!

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For a cost effective solution to increasing a property’s EPC rating, choose our bespoke MEES reporting services.

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