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Buying a property is no small feat. In fact, it’s a massive investment, and we understand that. We want all of our clients to make well-informed and well-educated investments. From advice on maintenance work and property condition to clarifying legal issues, we make sure that our clients know exactly what they’re investing in and that they’re confident in doing so.

We offer 4 different types of building surveys and valuations, dependent on your needs. To chat through your options with us, call us on 01254 774943.

Market Valuation

Before committing to a deal, you need to make sure it’s a fair one. Our Chartered Surveyors will inspect the property, outline any obvious defects and provide you with enough information for you to confidently decide upon an offer and renegotiate if necessary.

Get peace of mind and make sure you’re getting a fair deal with our impartial and independent market valuation.

Building Condition Survey

Our Chartered Surveyors will help you identify any potential problems with a property before you’ve sealed the deal. Avoid unnecessary repair bills in the future with our building condition survey.

All accessible parts of the building will be subject to thorough inspection and a report will be written accordingly, covering 7 key areas:

  • Market valuation of the property
  • The general condition of the property
  • Significant defects and urgent repairs
  • The energy efficiency of the property
  • Issues which need to be referred to your Legal Adviser
  • Maintenance considerations and safety issues
  • Actions that should be taken before contracts are exchanged

Full Structural Building Survey

A full structural building survey is necessary for those investing in older, neglected or listed property.

Our Chartered Surveyor will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the property and an in-depth report on its structure and condition.

The survey will also include:

  • Both minor and major defects
  • Advice on the appropriate action to take
  • The likely costs of repairs
  • The level of urgency of each repair
  • A photographic inventory of the property, its defects, and other issues

Defect Report

This in-depth assessment carried out by our chartered surveyor can help to identify any potentially serious structural and building fabric issues within a property. Our chartered surveyors are able to advise you appropriately after locating the root causes of these issues.

We’ll provide you with the likely repair costs and appoint trusted contractors on your behalf to manage the repair work and ensure it’s completed on time, within budget and to a first-class standard.

Our professional surveys will help protect interests & provide peace of mind

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