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Grant available to Home owners through the Green Deal

Recently there have been changes made in how grants are given out to make energy efficiency improvements to a property. Previously the grants were available to people on lower income, however this has now changed and grants are available to all.

Recently we have been producing building surveys for our clients looking to purchase a property and once the property is purchased we have been advising and arranging for funding of up to £7,600.00

These grants are available for solid wall insulation, boilers and additional measures. There is also an additional pot of money for people who have purchased their property within the last 12 months.

We are finding that people purchasing a property with the intention to renovate it, can really take advantage of this scheme as they are spending the money anyway.

The scheme is based on people having the works completed by a Green Deal registered Installer and claiming the money back on completion.

For further details please contact info@aldrocksurveyors.co.uk

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