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Is your Architect and Energy Assessor working together?

With the changes to Part L and F of the Building Regulations creeping up on us, we are going to see some significant changes to the way a building is constructed and the services within it.

It is now more important than ever for the Designer and Energy Assessor to work closely, and ensure compliance of a Building or project at Design Stage.

I cannot count the amount of times we have been appointed to a project late to determine if a building is compliant to Part L (Minimum Energy Standards) of the Building Regulations, and we have found that it is not! This inevitably leads to wasted time and additional costs.

More and more clients are coming to Aldrock for the whole package to be delivered under one roof. Those that are in the industry understand that things change during a project for a number of reasons, but cost is a very common reason.

Making any changes during the process has an impact on compliance and ensuring these are done side by side is the reason we can guarantee compliance in the most effective manner!

If you want to learn more about these changes and how this will affect your project, let’s have a chat!

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  • 11th September 2020