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The Value of a Building Survey

People spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on properties and then try to get a basic low cost survey or avoid it all together.

When making possibly the biggest investment of a person’s life I cannot understand why anyone would then choose to avoid a building Survey that costs so little in comparison.

Properties are expensive and can have defects hiding away that an uninformed person would not pick up on. A Chartered Building Surveyor has spent years examining property and gained many experience’s in Building pathology.

By appointing a Chartered Building Surveyor to examine a property prior to purchasing it, can give you a negotiating tool on price or alternatively you can ensure the current owner rectifies the defects prior to the transaction potentially saving thousands of pounds.

At Aldrock Surveyors we produce bespoke comprehensive building surveys that satisfy and ensure the client has peace of mind when purchasing a property.

We are that proud of our work, we invite new clients to our office, to look at some examples. Once we complete a Survey for a client we also meet with them or arrange a telephone time to discuss and explain the main points within the report.

For further information visit www.aldrocksurveyors.co.uk

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Building surveyors surveying a house
  • 15th December 2013